June 6, 2023 Summit Construction Group

Kabot Cove Lane, Lakeville, MN

These clients in Lakeville, Minnesota called us looking to replace their cedar shake roof. The roof was original to the 2003 built home and some sections were rotting and too brittle to repair. Other sections had been repaired here and there along the way. With a busy life and so many things going on who has time to think about their roof all the time? The north side of the home had a lot of tree coverage which kept the shakes moist, which contributes to rot and on top of that 20 years of Minnesota winters had this roof nearing the end of its life.

These clients wanted to get away from yearly checkups, shake cleaning, repairs and maintenance and do the roof only one more time and not have to worry about it again. Cedar shakes provide a high end look, you see them in many of the nicest neighborhoods across Minnesota. The clients wanted to not only keep that upscale look, but they wanted to take it to the next level, so asphalt was not a viable option. After doing their research and learning of the DaVinci Synthetic Shake & Slate products they got in touch with Summit Construction Group. Summit has extensive experience in high end custom roofing systems of all kinds and we’ve installed many DaVinci roofing systems, likely more than any other contractor in Minnesota.

After talking through options, profiles and colors the clients chose a DaVinci Select Shake in color “Black Oak,” with color matched snowguards. This was the perfect compliment for the darker tan stucco and the dark shutters and accents on the home. Material was ordered mid winter and set up for a spring install. The clients did decide to file an insurance claim and were able to get half of their cedar shake roof covered due to hail and wind damage and used those funds towards their new roofing system.

When leading projects like this we always enjoy helping the clients realize their dreams and watching the project come together until the work is done. It’s exciting to see how happy and impressed our clients are once they get to see and enjoy their final product. DaVinci roofs always garner a lot of attention, questions and praise from neighbors walking by and they tend to immensely boost the curb appeal of any home to bring the upscale look to the highest level. When you spend time in some of the nicest neighborhoods in MInnesota you start see most houses gravitate towards shake, tile, slate or synthetic versions of shake or slate. Besides being looking top notch, being maintenance free, fade resistant. and built to last the DaVinci roofing products are also Class 4 impact resistant (hail damage resistant) and fire resistant, so most insurance companies offer premium discounts to homeowners once they are installed.
Once a project starts we prefer to have the roofs open as short as possible and we like to be as minimally invasive as we can. Although there was a lot of planning before the project started once construction began, from tear off to completion, this project was done in 3 days.
This was another exciting project to be a part of and these clients were a true pleasure to work with. They were blown away by the final look, the new rich color and the speedy, efficient and clean manner Summit was able to execute with. We were glad as always to make some new friends and leave the clients very happy and completely satisfied.