Cedar Roofing

The look of a cedar roof is timeless and elegant. It provides much more interest and curb appeal when compared to an asphalt roof. Western Red Cedar & Yellow Cedar are from the Pacific West Coast of North America and is used to produce most cedar roofing materials. It is resistant to weather, insects, and deterioration. Cedar’s beauty and insulation properties have made it a favorite of master builders for hundreds of years!

Summit Construction Group is a member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. CSSB memberships are very prestigious and hard to obtain, consisting of only a small group of elite roofers. CSSB membership ensures a contractor is properly vetted with extensive experience in cedar shake installation, using only the highest grade of Cedar roofing materials and installing to the strictest standards.


Summit Construction has proudly replaced some of the largest cedar roofs in Minnesota. We are Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Members, meaning we follow all installation guidelines as recommended by the CSSB.

Certi Split – Handsplit & Resawn Shakes

Certi Split is split on the front side and sawn on the back, providing a more rustic look. This comes in medium (.5” average thickness), Heavy (.75” average thickness), and Jumbo (over 1” average thickness). This is installed with felt underlayment and felt liner on each row. Typically a 7.5 – 10” exposure.

Certi Sawn Tapersawn Shakes

Certi Sawn Tapersawn Shakes is sawn or smooth on both sides to provide a more tailored yet bigger look with a heavier shadow line than a cedar shingle. This is installed with felt underlayment and felt liner for each row. Typically a 7.5” – 10” exposure.

Certigrade Cedar Shingle

Certigrade Cedar Shingle is smaller than a shake, sawn on both sides, has a thinner shadow line, and has a very neat and tidy appearance. This is installed with felt underlayment but no felt liner for each row. Typically a 3-6” exposure.


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What does it mean to be a Cedar Bureau member?

  • Must install cedar roofing to all CSSB guidelines
  • Must use only CSSB approved materials, Certi Split Number 1 grade shingles/shakes
  • You have to undergo training and testing by the CSSB and pay membership dues
  • The CSSB does background checks, bank and financial assessments
  • CSSB Requires higher insurance coverage, $2 million per occurrence minimum
  • CSSB requires photos of work, and numerous client references
  • All member manufacturers agree to undergo random unannounced quality checks and testing

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