Wood Lap & Shake Siding

Cedar is the most commonly used material when it comes to wood lap or shingle siding. We use cedar that is considered class A and better which means they will be almost completely void of knots. This can more expensive but works well when staining.


Allprime is another great wood product that comes pre-primed in a variety of styles and profiles and works very well if the plan is to paint.

Beveled Lap


Shingle Siding

Shake Siding

Board & Batten

V Groove


Square Channel

Product Features

– Weather resistant compared to other woods. Crack and warp resistant
– Other products attempt to re create the natural wood look.
– Repairs are Possible/ simple compared to some other products
– Natural product,the product will never be discontinued and unmatchable
– Durable, Resists most day to day damage other products are susceptible to.
– “Self healing” Dents will typically swell out.
– More options in terms of thickness, lap size, revel and profiles.
– Can be stained for a unique look, non wood products can only be painted

Installing Cedar Sidewall Shingles

Click the button below to see how cedar sidewall shingles are installed on your home.


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