Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has come a long ways in the last 10 years. It is the most economical siding material and is extremely low maintenance. When vinyl siding first came out, it was thinner, prone to warping, excessive fading, and cracking. Modern day engineering now allows vinyl siding to be made with new colorfast in the dyes to prevent fading allowing manufacturers to offer bold new colors. It is also considerably thicker, and less prone to warping, cracking and storm damage. A thicker vinyl also gives a cleaner look.


Most vinyl sidings installed in years past or on current new construction will be a thinner thickness, usually .040” or .042”. When doing a full vinyl reside our standard offerings are a thicker 0.44” thickness. For customers switching from aluminum siding to vinyl we also offer even thicker lines that are .046” and .048” thick.

Norandex Cedar Knolls

Norandex Cedar Knolls – .044″ vinyl siding

Mastic Cedar Discovery Vinyl Shakes

Cedar Discovery® features the rugged good looks of real cedar shake and shingle siding without the hassle of regular staining, painting and replacing. Strong and durable, the premium vinyl siding resists dents, dings and extreme winds all while retaining its natural beauty.

Royal Estate

Royal® Estate™ Siding is proof that powerful wood presence and effortless endurance can live a long, happy life on the same home. Its design ensures it will face down wear, tear, wind, rain and snow year after year. And its wide range of UV-resistant colors match virtually any style. This is timeless design and curb appeal with zero tradeoffs.

Royal Woodland

Royal® Woodland Siding embraces every home style with as much ease as it withstands weather and mocks maintenance. Plus, it comes in a widely varied palette of curb-appealing, UV-resistant shades to match any architectural mood, from cool to warm to deeply bold.

Royal Portsmouth Vinyl Shakes

Homeowners looking for distinguishing curb appeal and atmospheric coastal character without the long-term costs of maintenance will find it in Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles Siding. A variety of color, texture and styles take form in Cedar, Classic Coastal, Hand-Split Shake and Half Round profiles.

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