L.P. Siding

L.P. stands for Louisiana Pacific and is a building products manufacturer. Their siding is an engineered wood product that comes either primed or with a factory applied finish. It is very low maintenance, extremely rugged, is durable with a long lifespan, and has an extremely clean fit and finish when properly installed.


Expert Finish

Expertfinish panels come factory painted. The finish is warrantied for 15 years, and this product will likely last longer before it has to be painted. The siding and trim pieces are finished in house by LP.

LP Diamond Kote

LP Diamond Kote is the highest grade available. The LP siding and trim pieces are sent unfinished to Diamond Kote where they finish the product using a different method. This finish is warrantied for 30 years and is more expensive than Expertfinish. They also offer sets of re-engineered products such as their most popular mitered corner that creates a perfect fit and finish.


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Installation Process

Re-siding an average sized house using LP takes 1-2 weeks. The reason it takes this long is because there are more cuts on both siding and trim pieces. The cuts and install has to be extremely precise, the material is heavy, and all the cuts have to be done on the ground using a saw. Once installation is completed, there is an extensive amount of caulking needed on the seam near corners, as well as around doors and windows. Touch up painting is also needed on all exposed nail holes. Face nails must be caulked and touched up with paint.


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