February 2, 2024 Summit Construction Group

Slate Roof & Copper Gutters – Dean Parkway, MN

The home for this project was located between the downtown lakes of Minneapolis, nestled in a neighborhood filled with many beautiful historic homes and high end modern rebuilds. This roof was approaching 100 years old by the time we got to it. 97 years old to be precise. There were a number of cracked and partially broken tiles, and the roof was in need of some care. For it to be in the condition it was for almost 100 years old was somewhat impressive. A roof made of almost any other material besides slate or tile would have needed replacement many decades prior.

Summit is one of the few contractors in Minnesota that does Slate roofing. We love these types of projects and take much pride and honor in being contracted for these specialty jobs. These kinds of projects require more planning, coordination and attention to detail but when it all comes together and you get to stand back and enjoy the finished product it makes all the hard work worth it for us.

The slate used on the project was extra special with an extra large tile. Some of the large tiles near the bottom of the slope were almost 2″ thick and weighed nearly 75-80 lbs just for one tile. The color for this replacement was a “Vermont blend” and the design called for a graduated exposure with more tile showing near the bottom and the reveal getting narrower up the slope with the smallest exposure near the ridge. All of the slate was mined in Vermont and shipped to us in Minnesota. For anyone reading this, next time you’re on the east coast you might notice all the slate roofs out there, they are everywhere. It’s a great product that stands up to the heavy winds coming off the ocean and was used very heavily in the early 1900’s.

Copper metalwork is the final defining feature. We installed a 6″ half round copper gutter using copper hangers, as well as copper downspouts, copper chimney flashing, and then a custom fabricated copper ridge cap. The elegant glow of the copper accents calls your attention from down the street. Over time the copper gutters and accessories will patina from a copper color into a bronze and then finally turning different shades of light sage green as the copper gets older.

For homeowners there is a certain feeling of deep pride and satisfaction that comes when they pull into their driveway and have a home that looks as good as possible from the exterior. Neighbors stroll by on their evening walk and they take an extra long gaze to marvel in the aesthetic of a beautiful home. Often times, home updates become a conversation starter and talking point with your neighbors and it builds connections and new relationships. This is what happens when we build these types of projects, and it’s a joy to see the homeowners excitement when they get to have these types of experiences.

Depending on the design of the home and the pitch of the roof, the roof may make up a third, or up to a half of the visual aesthetic. When it comes to curb appeal, roof material and color can be a big factor. When using high end products like cedar, slate, tile or certain synthetic products the proper roofing material will cap off the house and make a true statement of elegance. The striking accents of copper take it to the next level.

All in all, Summit is extremely happy and honored to be trusted with this project and share these experiences. Working on high end, historic and luxury homes is what we love to do. We love to be at these properties, involved in the process and oversee the transformations . We’ve been fortunate to be part of many of these, and we look forward to serving the Minnesota metro area and many more to come!