July 31, 2023 Summit Construction Group

Slate Roof – St Paul, MN


Slate roofing is one of the most durable and timeless roofing materials that can be used, along with durability it provides a truly upscale look to cap off a high end property located in a prestigious area like Summit Ave in St. Paul, MN. It’s not often to see a roof in Minnesota that is 100 years old, but when your roof is built of Slate this is possible. Many of the oldest, and largest historical buildings use slate, its easy to maintain, not prone to leaking and doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance or upkeep.

After an inspection it was determined that it was time for this roof to be replaced. Over time slate will soften, chip, crack and stain due to weathering, moisture and exposure to the elements, the old steel roofing sections had rust and corrosion as well.

After consulting with the homeowner we decided of course to go back with slate, using a blend of royal purple, unfading green, and semi weathering gray-green slate tiles. We replaced the raw flat seam steel sections with a pre-finished standing seam system in terratone and the shingled section was a GAF HDZ Barkwood shingle. There was metal fabrication on site consisting of some small sections of flat seam steel, new highback gutters installed, and new window pans.

This was a highly complex roofing project with a stunning before and after. Now the clients are very happy and have a new slate roof that should last another 100 years.